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Fluoxetine for weight loss

fluoxetine without prescriptionOne of the main reasons for excessive weight is bulimia - an unusual mental disorder when people start to uncontrollably eat too much food during stress or a nervous breakdown. The result is extra weight, which people are trying get rid of in different ways. However, your diet will work only up to the first failure - and the desire to get satisfaction by eating tasty food prevails again. Take into account that most diets and drugs for weight loss weaken the nervous system. It seems that for people suffering from bulimia, there is no escape from this vicious circle.

Fortunately, there is a drug named Fluoxetine, which can help you to lose weight as well as to get rid of depression.

Advantages of Fluoxetine as a weight loss medication

Fluoxetine is different from all the other weight loss drugs, as it was not originally intended to treat obesity. Fluoxetine is an antidepressant, which helps to treat insomnia, nervous breakdowns, improve your mood and get rid of suicide thoughts. Its main purpose is to normalize the function of nervous system. As a result, people get rid of bulimia - the terrible hunger that constantly plagues them after each nervous breakdown. No hunger - you eat less - no more weight gain – you start to lose weight.

Unlike other weight loss drugs Fluoxetine:

  • does not suppress the work of nerve impulses and vice versa restores them. So you are going to be in a good mood during the drug intake.
  • has no effect on the intestines and does not cause gastrointestinal disorder;
  • does not interfere with the metabolic processes in a body.

The biggest advantage of the drug is a low cost of Fluoxetine compared to other weight loss drugs on the market. Of course, Fluoxetine price may vary in different places, usually, you can save some money buying Fluoxetine online without prescription.

Indeed, if the cause of obesity is depression, then it is possible to get rid of an eternal desire to eat by eliminating the root cause of it.

How does Fluoxetine work?

Magic effect of the drug

Fluoxetine effect is associated with such an important substance as serotonin. It is involved in vital functions of almost all systems and bodies. Deficiency of serotonin leads to disorders of the nervous system - depression, stress, nervous breakdowns, insomnia, bad mood until the suicide, including bulimia. Once in a body, the active ingredient Fluoxetine:

  • increased concentration of serotonin in the brain cells;
  • increases stimulating effect of serotonin on an entire nervous system;
  • promote serotonin to actively affect saturation centers in a brain, inhibiting uncontrolled feeling of appetite.

As a result, Fluoxetine pharmacological effect, a week after the start of treatment people usually feel that things have changed in their lives:

  • a feeling of constant hunger disappears;
  • loss of appetite means you eat less food. This allows us not to gain weight but, in turn, get rid of the previously accumulated excessive pounds;
  • the drug improves your mood, increases physical activity, which also contributes to weight loss;
  • improves your sleep at night;
  • decreases irritability and anger.

Given this extraordinary action of Fluoxetine, wise women take the opportunity to be on a diet during the drug intake. While taking this drug, you will not feel hunger, which usually ruins all diets. Besides, you don't have irritability and depression, which are also familiar satellites of starvation. That's an almost perfect formula for effective and fast weight loss: Fluoxetine + sport + diet.

However, Fluoxetine is an antidepressant drug first of all. That is why you need to have a certain indication to take the drug.

What is Fluoxetine is used for?

Fluoxetine is a medication, which acts on nervous system and brain. First of all, it is used to treat depression, not to get rid of extra kilos or pounds.

Fluoxetine is prescribed to treat:

  • depression of any origin;
  • disorders of the nervous system up to schizophrenia;
  • nervousness, irritability, anxiety;
  • insomnia;
  • neuroses;
  • chronic headaches;
  • bulimia.

From the list above it is clear that Fluoxetine is used to treat rather serious diseases. That is why take Fluoxetine only after consulting your healthcare provider in order to avoid unpleasant consequences. The overabundance of serotonin can cause many side effects.

Fluoxetine side effects

You should take Fluoxetine only if you have low levels of serotonin. A healthy person has enough serotonin produced by the body. If he or she starts to take Fluoxetine, the concentration of serotonin increases substantially above natural levels. As a result, it may lead to serotonin syndrome, which can not only lead to coma, but also to death. Therefore, take Fluoxetine for weight loss after consultation with your doctor and under constant medical supervision.

Fluoxetine can only help you lose weight if an obesity is caused by bulimia or other mental disorder. Stop taking the drug immediately, if you experience one or several side effects, such as:

  • headache;
  • dizziness;
  • dry mouth;
  • fatigue;
  • increased sweating;
  • blurred vision;
  • a decrease in sexual drive;
  • breast pain;
  • nausea;
  • diarrhea;
  • insomnia;
  • pain and tinnitus;
  • hallucinations;
  • fatigue (chronic fatigue syndrome);
  • dyspepsia (stomach problems);
  • rash;
  • bone pains.

Avoid taking Fluoxetine if you have:

  • kidney or liver failure;
  • intolerance to the drug or its components;
  • mania;
  • suicides;
  • lactation;
  • glaucoma;
  • bladder disorders;
  • pregnancy;
  • concomitant use of alcohol, drugs and MAO inhibitors.

Take Fluoxetine with caution in case of:

  • diabetes (a drastic increase in blood sugar is possible);
  • epilepsy (seizures are possible);
  • Parkinson's disease;
  • cachexia (emaciation of the body).

Reactions of a body during Fluoxetine intake for cases mentioned above are unpredictable.

Children and people of advanced age should also be cautious taking the drug.

Improper Fluoxetine intake can lead to serious consequences, which are not so easy to get rid of like extra kilos. Therefore, consult with a medical specialist before taking Fluoxetine for weight loss.

Do not try to make a diagnosis by yourself: perhaps your increased appetite has nothing to do with bulimia. Thus, the drug can only harm rather than bring benefits. If your doctor prescribed you Fluoxetine to treat bulimia, take the drug strictly according your doctor instructions.

Fluoxetine slimming guide

Only your doctor should identify the dosage and duration of weight loss treatment with Fluoxetine. It all depends on your body individual characteristics, the amount of extra weight and your nervousness.

Usually, Fluoxetine is prescribed:

  1. In case of depression take Fluoxetine 20mg a day, preferably in the morning, washing down with a glass of water.
  2. In case of bulimia take 3 tablets a day (a total of 60mg of Fluoxetine) during your usual meals - breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Do not exceed the daily dosage of Fluoxetine 80mg (4 tablets).

Only your doctor may tell, which is the best dosage for you. That is why your Fluoxetine daily dosage may be different from those mentioned above.

The usual duration of treatment in case of depression is 3 to 4 weeks. The main slimming effect is observed during the first week of treatment in case of bulimia. That is why it makes no sense to take the drug longer if you do not have any positive effect.

If depression and stress start again, you can continue treatment.

Fluoxetine reviews by medical specialists

Most doctors (neurologists, psychotherapists, and nutritionists) say that Fluoxetine cannot be perceived as a weight loss medication. This antidepressant has the effect of appetite and weight loss.

In their view, taking this medication without consulting with a doctor can lead to irreversible consequences in a body, despite the fact there are a lot of positive reviews, claiming that women lost weight quickly and easily using Fluoxetine.

It is better consulting with medical experts than to trust some unknown reviews online.

What is Fluoxetine cost?

As with any drug, you can buy Fluoxetine in a drugstore. You can also order Fluoxetine online, which is usually cheaper. One more advantage of buying Fluoxetine online – no prescription required to make an order. Plus, Fluoxetine prices online are substantially lower in online pharmacies.

You can treat depression with Fluoxetine as well as get rid of a terrible feeling of hunger when you want to eat everything you see. However, miracles do not happen in life, do not hope you are going become a slender doll easily: the drug only helps to cope with nervous system problems, which are the cause of your excess weight.

Anyone who is going to use Fluoxetine should understand that it is an antidepressant, first of all, not a weight loss pill.

Getting rid of uncontrolled hunger is just a side effect of this drug. In any case, consult with your doctor before taking the drug in order to determine whether this drug will help you to lose weight.

Fluoxetine and alcohol

Like with all antidepressants, avoid taking Fluoxetine with alcohol. It may cause unpleasant side effects.

Can you get high off Fluoxetine?

Fluoxetine belongs to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) class of antidepressants. It is not a narcotic drug, that is why it is unlikely you can get high on Fluoxetine. Even if you take a large dosage of the drug, it may only lead to overdose with severe side effects.