What is Bupropion?

depression pill

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Bupropion was created accidentally. A scientist from Burroughs Wellcome company (now GlaxoSmithKline) has invented bupropion hydrochloride in 1964. The company got a patent in USA 1974. In 1985 Bupropion has been allowed for use as an antidepressant and was marketed under Wellbutrin brand name, which was known under generic name Amfebutamone.

Scientific researches have shown that Bupropion influences brain neurotransmitters (mediators) and helps to solve two problems at once. First, Bupropion is an effective antidepressant widely known around the world. Secondly, it helps to quit smoking by reducing negative manifestations appearing when you are trying to get rid of nicotine addiction. First of all, it helps to overcome depression.

Unlike many other antidepressants, Bupropion does not cause weight gain or sexual dysfunction. Moreover, researches have shown treatment with the drug provides a noticeable increase in libido and even weight loss.

Bupropion is usually used as an antidepressant and as the medication helping to quit smoking. Usually, you can buy Bupropion under various brand names like Wellbutrin, Wellbutrin SR, Wellbutrin XL, Zyban, Bupropion, Bupron, Budeprion, Voxra, Aplenzin, NoSmoq.

The effect of all these drugs is approximately identical because they all contain one active ingredient - bupropion. However, Bupropion is considered the most known medication helping to get rid of smoking. It does not contain nicotine and is considered rather efficient to overcome such an unhealthy habit as smoking.

Clinical tests have shown that efficiency Bupropion considerably increases if it is used in a complex with other therapeutic medications. Having completed the course of treatment, nearly 40% of the smokers who used Bupropion have got rid of an addiction. And only 17% of the examinees, who were not using any drugs have reached a positive result.

Bupropion is a drug used only to ease withdrawal symptoms during treatment for nicotine addiction. Avoid using Zyban for other purposes

Take Bupropion strictly according to your doctor's instructions. Avoid taking higher or smaller dosages of the drug or taking it longer than it was recommended. The increase in dosage will not lead to better results of treatment. Precise instructions how to take Bupropion are specified on a package label. Only your doctor can change your dosage to achieve better results.

If for some reason you have missed the dosage, just skip it and take the drug according to your schedule. Do not take the drug less than in 8 hours. Do not double the dosage to make up for a lost one. The increase in dosage will not give you any positive effect but may increase the risk of overdose.

Bupropion overdose

In case of Bupropion overdose, call the ambulance immediately or urgently contact your attending physician.

Overdose symptoms include:

  • hard breathing or swallowing
  • dizziness
  • fainting
  • slackness
  • sweating
  • blurred vision
  • hallucinations
  • loss of consciousness
  • acceleration of pulse or increase of heartbeat
  • dizziness
  • slackness
  • gastric disorder
  • nervousness

How to take Bupropion (Zyban)?

Take Bupropion with or without your meals. Swallow a pill entirely, washing down with a glass of water. Do not chew it. Disturbance of the pill integrity can lead to side effects, including spasms.

Take one pill a day during the first week of treatment. You may increase the dosage up to 2 pills a day starting from the second week of treatment.

It is unlikely you observe any pharmacological effects of the drug at once. It usually takes some time to see first positive results. Therefore, having started taking Bupropion you continue to smoke. It is recommended to appoint the date of getting rid of smoking not earlier than to the 10th day of treatment.

Treatment with Bupropion (Zyban) usually lasts from seven to twelve weeks. Chances of successfully quitting smoking approximately double after 3 months of treatment. Chances you are not going to smoke anymore in one year after treatment are 1,5 times higher than without Bupropion.

Possible courses of Bupropion treatment are:

5 weeks course

  •  1 week - 1 pill a day
  •  2 - 4 weeks - 2 pills a day
  •  If the drug has not started helping you after 4 weeks of intake and you still desperately want to smoke, its further use is senseless. If you understand that will be able to quit smoking with ease, do not stop taking the drug.
  •  5 week - 5,5 days - 2 pills a day

7 weeks course

  •  1 week - 1 pill a day
  •  2 - 6 week - 2 pills a day
  •  7 week - 6,5 days - 2 pills a day

The minimum efficient term of treatment with Bupropion is 3 weeks. Visit your doctor before taking the drug to get your individual course of treatment.

If you have any unpleasant feelings during bupropion intake, stop taking the drug and make an appointment with your doctor.

Do not stop taking the drug without consulting with your doctor. You can face unpleasant side effects if you stop taking the drug abruptly.


Avoid taking Bupropion along with drugs such as Furoxone. Marplan, Nardil, Azilect, Eldepryl, Emsam, Zelapar during the last 14 days.

Avoid taking Bupropion if you have:

  •  epilepsies or spasms;
  •  digestive disorders, such as anorexia or bulimia;
  •  you take alcohol or sedatives (such as Valium).

Bupropion can cause spasms, especially in people with certain diseases.

Take Bupropion with caution and in lower dosages, if you have any of following disorders:

  •  head injuries spasm, brain or spinal cord tumors;
  •  heart troubles, increased blood pressure, history of heart attacks;
  •  kidney disorder;
  •  liver disorders (especially cirrhosis);
  •  bipolar disorder (manic-depressive psychosis).

Tell your attending physician before taking Bupropion:

  •  if you have an allergy to bupropion or any other drugs;
  •  if you take MAO inhibitors during the last 14 days. The doctor will probably forbid you taking Zyban;
  •  about other prescription or over the counter drugs, vitamins, and supplements which you are taking or going to start taking;
  •  if you ever had spasms, anorexia or bulimia;
  •  if you take a lot of alcohol, but are going to stop drinking sharply, or you take sedative drugs but are going to stop taking them sharply. The doctor will probably forbid you to take Zyban;
  •  if you drink alcohol, take drugs or medication without a prescription and if you have ever had a heart attack or head injury;
  •  if you have a brain or spinal cord tumor, high blood pressure, diabetes, liver, kidneys or heart disorder;
  •  if you are pregnant, plan a pregnancy, or if you are breastfeeding.

You have to know that Bupropion can cause drowsiness. Avoid driving a car and working with mechanisms before you find out how the drug affects you.

Can I take Bupropion with alcohol?

Talk to your doctor concerning the safe use of alcoholic beverages while you taking Bupropion. Alcohol can cause side effects, when used together with antidepressants, including Bupropion. That is why it is generally recommended to avoid using alcohol together with antidepressants.

If you have any of the following symptoms, stop taking Bupropion and call your doctor:

  •  suicide thoughts or actions;
  •  emergence or exacerbation of depression, anxiety or panic attacks, excitement, concern;
  •  the embittered or aggressive behavior, unjustified risk;
  •  manias;
  •  hypererethism or irritability;
  •  abnormal thoughts and feelings, hallucinations (you see things or hear voices, which do not exist);
  •  feeling that people are against you;
  •  a sensation of fear, either any other sudden or unusual changes in behavior;
  •  attacks;
  •  confusion of thoughts;
  •  fever;
  •  rash or blisters;
  •  itch;
  •  face edema, edema of throats, tongue lips, eyes, hands, feet, ankle bones or shins;
  •  hoarseness;
  •  the difficulty of breath or swallowing;
  •  breast ache, pain in muscles or joints;
  •  an increase of heartbeat or arrhythmia.

When you start taking antidepressants, such as Bupropion, especially, if you are younger than 24 years, you may have thoughts of suicide. Tell your doctor if you experience hard depression or there were suicide thoughts within the first several weeks of treatment or when your dose has changed.

Your family or relatives also have to be ready to your possible mood swings. You should be under the supervision of your doctor, at least first 12 weeks of treatment.

Bupropion side effects

  •  drowsiness
  •  excitement
  •  vomiting
  •  dry mouth
  •  dizziness
  •  constipation
  •  headache
  •  weight loss
  •  nausea
  •  uncontrollable shaking of body parts
  •  increased perspiration.

As a rule, this drug is used in combination with other ways, techniques or programs helping to give up smoking.

Bupropion reviews

Reviews of Wellbutrin, Zyban or other Bupropion based drugs are usually left by people, who try to get rid of nicotine addiction. Reviews are generally good, however, the drug does not help everybody.

The drug was also widely adopted in narcology to treat amphetamine, alcohol and nicotine addiction. People do not have alcoholic or drug intoxication during Bupropion intake. That is why the thirst for drugs and alcohol gradually disappears.

People often give up taking Bupropion after 1-2 weeks, if they use it to treat depression. They complain about the absence of any effect. There are also reports of suicidal thoughts during initial stages of treatment with the drug.

Reviews of Bupropion by people

Find below some examples of Bupropion reviews by posted by people on health forums.

“…I've tried to use Bupropion. Unfortunately, I've got severe depression in two days (one of the drug side effects) and I've stopped taking at once. Has not given up smoking then. But I know people, who quit smoking with Bupropion. Perhaps, it has different action on people...”

“...I had strong side effects, but it was worth it. I've quit smoking 5 years ago and have never regretted...”
“...Bupropion really helps to beat off craving to smoke. I have started using this drug 3 months ago. I don't smoke now. Time has passed by very quickly and Zyban definitely removes the craving for smoking...”

“...I've bought the drug three weeks ago and started taking it having consulted with a doctor. I've given up smoking on the second week without any discomfort...”

“...For me personally, Bupropion was very effective and simple to use. But I had some side effects like a change of food taste and constipation. Doctors have not helped me then. But Bupropion has helped me - I've smoked for 4 months now...”

Can Bupropion get you high?

Bupropion is considered an antidepressant medication. That is why it is unlikely to get high off Bupropion. If you try to take large dosages of the drug to get high, you can have serious side effects as a result of an overdose. Bupropion, as any other drug, should be taken strictly as it is prescribed by your doctor. In case a large amount of the drug's active ingredient gets into your bloodstream, you may have seizures and other serious side effects.

Bupropion XL, SR and weight loss

Most antidepressants are known to gain weight during treatment. Unlike most antidepressant drugs, Bupropion can, in turn, help you to lose weight. According to this clinical observation, people who used Bupropion lost more pounds, than those who received placebo. Of course, the main use of the drug is to help you to quit smoking. However, weight loss is a widespread side effect of this medication.

Bupropion boosts your metabolism and increases energy levels, which results in an increased fat burn by your body.